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Green Gate Consulting currently represents major environmental companies headquartered in the United States and in Europe. Our clients specialize in providing creative and cost effective solutions in the hazardous waste management sector, wastewater/sanitation sectors and the renewable energy sector. We assist our clients in advancing their organizational missions and entering foreign markets while expanding their sales and international presence.

Below are some examples of GGC’s current environmental technology project engagements:

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Case 1#: Introducing Innovative Polish Technology in Hazardous Waste Management into the U.S. Market

GGC has been working with a Polish company who operates in the hazardous waste sector and who owns an innovative hazardous waste stabilization technology. The company has invented, developed, and patented (both in the European Union and United States) a unique system to neutralize and/or recover hazardous and toxic waste such as ash, sludge, and solids contaminated with heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides. It is a scientific breakthrough in the field of neutralization of hazardous and toxic waste.

The company approached GGC to assist it in entering the U.S. market in order to develop sales and distribution partnerships with U.S. market leaders in the hazardous waste sector. The company owns a unique technology, but lacks sufficient connections and cultural understanding needed to enter and to operate in the U.S. market.

Since the beginning of 2011, GGC has started a comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign that includes relevant U.S. entities for potential partnerships and/or collaboration with our Polish client. We have been engaging with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other U.S. Government Agencies to make them aware of our client’s innovative technology.

As a result, Green Gate Consulting was able to begin negotiations on potential cooperation with several large U.S. based companies operating in the hazardous waste sector to establish an effective methodology for testing our client’s technology in the U.S. The goal is to permanently establish our client’s innovative product in the U.S. market.

Due to the rapid and promising results GGC was able to achieve for our client, the Polish company has asked GGC for our assistance in developing business in the European market as well. We are currently in the process of working with our Dutch partner to identify and develop promising joint ventures and partnerships for our Polish client in Europe. In addition, we are also exploring business possibilities for our client in Switzerland, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania.

Moreover, at the beginning of 2012, GGC has also assisted its Polish client in entering the Indian market. We have developed strategic, high level political connections within the Indian Ministry of Environment to enable our client in participation of a major Indian toxic waste clean-up project.

What started as a marketing outreach for our client in Northern America has developed into a global marketing campaign that GGC continues to successfully carry for its Polish client.

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Case 2#: Assisting Poland’s Largest Water Supply and Sewage Company Producer to Identify Innovative Water Technologies in the U.S. Market

Since April 2012 GGC has been representing Poland’s largest, and one of the largest in Europe, water supply and sewerage joint stock company. Located in Southern Poland, it supplies drinking water to over 3.5 million people and to the industries located in the region. It manages 11 wastewater purification plants, which purify both surface water and source (deep underground) water. The company has been successfully operating in the Polish water sector for many years, and it has been well recognized in Poland.

Under our representation agreement with Poland’s largest water supplier and sewage company, GGC has been identifying for our client innovative American water technologies that the Polish company could implement in its Polish operations in Southern Poland. 

In addition, we have been organizing for our client US study tours, trade shows and business meetings when necessary and appropriate. As a part of our contractual agreement, GGC’s management team will also participate in trade shows in Poland organized by our client to first hand learn about the water sector needs in Poland.

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Case 3#: Assisting Polish Producer of Unique, Patented Valve Systems to Form a Strategic Partnership in the U.S. Market

Since January 2012 GGC has been representing a producer of an innovative, patented solution for water and sewage management markets, including both sewage fittings and sewage pumping products. The latest developments of this company are system fittings with no-return valves and columns enabling aeration and flushing of the pipeline in any direction.

GGC’s Polish client particularly prides itself as a producer one of the world’s most advanced valves, which combines the functions of traditional no-return valves and elbow valves. It is a 3-in-1 solution combining an elbow, check-valve and gate-valve. The system eliminates one flange connection and ensures measurably higher effectiveness when compared to traditional solutions. It also uses fewer parts when compared to alternatives, and it significantly reduces the weight of check valves by more than half in comparison to the traditional solutions. Moreover, the system minimizes loss of pressure and provides reliable and robust operation permitting easier access to the interior of the valve. This also enables easier inspection and clearing of the pipeline before and after valve mounting.

Our client’s innovative and unique valves are not only technically more effective, but they are also cost effective when compared to traditionally used valves. The Polish company has been successful in various international markets, and is now looking to enter the U.S. market. GGC’s job is to assist our new Polish client to form an ongoing partnership in the U.S. leading to establishing the presence of its innovative valve systems in the U.S. market.

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Case 5#: Marketing World’s First Solar Bulb to International Markets

Since June 2011 GGC has been working with an American company who invented and patented the world’s first solar bulb. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company owns and innovative and useful product, but lacks the appropriate connections and understanding needed to enter and to operate in the international markets.

Based on our international contacts and understanding of the global marketplace, GGC has been assisting our client to effectively market its solar products in Latin America and Asia. Recently, we have also taken an effort to introduce our client’s solar bulb in Europe. GGC has started a global marketing campaign for our client and we are looking forward to continue this campaign in months to come.

We are also proud to announce that due to our efforts, in late 2011 GGC’s Denver client agreed to donate a significant amount of its solar bulbs to a major nonprofit organization in Europe. While expanding our business mission through various international markets GGC believes in social causes and we strongly support them.

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Case 6#: Exporting American Mobile Solar Power Generation Products to India and Other Developing Countries

One of our clients was a New Jersey based manufacturer of leading solar water purification, solar power generation, and solar agricultural irrigation systems. This manufacturer’s solar products can inexpensively supply an entire town with potable water from freshwater, seawater or brackish water sources as an alternative to diesel generators or other expensive technologies that damage the environment.

GGC was hired to provide strategic and tactical business advice in order to raise the client’s international profile and to brand its innovative solutions on the solar energy market. We developed a customized strategy that included producing tailored business development plans, market entry strategies, and partnerships to assist the client in entering both the Asian and European markets (The Netherlands and Central Europe).

Moreover, GGC negotiated for our client a joint venture with an Indian partner whom we identified and developed. We also created a robust campaign to expand our client’s presence in Europe by developing new partnerships with European key players.

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Case 7#: Expanding the European Footprint of Leading U.S. Wastewater Sanitation Firms

Two of GGC’s other clients operating in the wastewater and sanitation sector are headquartered in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Both companies represent interesting and unique technologies, they are successful and accomplished in the U.S. market and to some extent internationally, but they intend to expand their presence in Europe, more precisely in Poland.

GGC was asked to develop a tailored sales campaign in Poland and to provide market intelligence and custom research on potential opportunities. We have provided both clients with strategic business insight and advice on the risks and opportunities while operating in the Polish market. We have also informed our clients on the current economic and political environments that can affect their ability to successfully operate in Poland.

In addition to providing strategic market advice, GGC has also been assisting our Midwestern clients in making direct contacts in Poland to develop collaborations and/or partnerships. Our experience has taught us that the most effective and quickest way to establish the presence of a medium sized company in a foreign market is to form strategic partnerships with local entities already successfully operating in-country.

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