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Green Gate Consulting is currently engaged in a variety of projects, including projects with private companies as well as local governments.  We are working with diversified industries and government agencies to enhance trade collaboration and exchange between Europe and the United States. Below are some examples of GGC’s current project engagements.

Previously, we represented major environmental companies headquartered in Europe and in the United States. Our clients specialized in providing creative and cost-effective solutions in the hazardous waste management sector, wastewater/sanitation sectors, and the renewable energy sector. We assisted our clients in advancing their organizational missions and entering foreign markets while expanding their sales and international presence.

Examples of GGC’s current project engagements:

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Case 1#: Representing the State of Virginia in Poland

Since January 2017, Green Gate Consulting has been cooperating with two independent economic development offices of the state of Virginia to promote the state of Virginia in Poland with the goal of show casing Virginia and increasing Polish companies’ investment and presence in the state. Two independent trade missions to Poland organized by GGC have taken place thus far.

The first trade mission for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) took place in March 2017. During that trade mission, GGC’s President and CEO Agnes Pawelkowska visited eight Polish cities (namely: Gdansk, Olsztyn, Warszawa, Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw, Poznan and Torun) where she delivered presentations on the U.S. market and business opportunities offered by the state of Virginia.   The visits specifically included six Investor and Exporters Assistance Centers, the Polish Chamber of Commerce with headquarters in Warsaw, and the Poznan Technology Park in Poznan. 

The total number of companies participating in all the regional seminars was 224. The total number of companies, which requested a follow-up from the state of Virginia was 19 (some of which are planning on opening manufacturing plants in Virginia). The first trade mission was extremely successful ad beneficial for the state of Virginia.

The second trade mission took place in May 2019. During that trade mission, GGC’s President and CEO, Agnes Pawelkowska, with the representatives of the Greater Richmond Partnership (GRP) visited eight different Polish cities to meet with seventeen pre-selected by GGC Polish companies ready to invest in the U.S. market. The pre-arranged meetings allowed GRP to showcase Central Virginia in Poland and encourage Polish companies to invest in the state. The representatives of the state of Virginia found the trade mission both interesting and fruitful. It produced many valuable contacts that GRP will gradually develop.

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Case 2#: Assisting a Polish Construction Sector Company in Opening a U.S. Based Manufacturing Plant

Since March 2018, Green Gate Consulting has been cooperating with a large Polish construction sector manufacturer, who is looking to open a manufacturing plant in Virginia. The company has been widely successful in Europe and is now looking to bring this success to the United States.

In cooperation with the state of Virginia, GGC has been advising its client on the best location for the future manufacturing plant, conducting price and incentive negotiations with the state of Virginia and organizing meetings with service providers, including legal aids and HR support. We have also made valuable business connections for our client with future suppliers and potential business partners to help build and enhance our client’s network of relationships in United States. In addition, we have organized three study tours and assessed U.S. based competition for an easier "U.S. landing" for our client.

The value of the Polish investment project to Virginia is expected to exceed $15M, with over 300 local Virginia employees to be hired. We are looking forward to developing the project and seeing it through various phases of implementation. And the state of Virginia could not be happier that GGC introduced such a powerful investor to the state!

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Case 3#: Creating a Business Partnership Between a Polish Fire Protection System Manufacturer and his New Jersey Based Counterpart

Since June 2015, Green Gate Consulting has been representing Poland’s largest fire protection system manufacturer, who is looking to enter the U.S. market. The first part of the project involved comprehensive U.S. market research and participation at the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Conference to establish business contacts and to identify innovative fire protection technologies on the U.S. market.

The second phase of the project has involved direct matchmaking and identifying of potential business partners for our clients. As part of that, in June 2018, the Polish manufacturer visited its New Jersey based counterpart to initiate the cooperation dialog. Later that year, in September 2018, accompanied by GGC's President and CEO Agnes Pawelkowska, the New Jersey based company visited GGC’s client in Poland to tour its manufacturing plant and to continue the cooperation dialog.

GGC is looking forward to continually assisting its client in finalizing the partnership with the New Jersey company and later, in making it develop and grow.

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Case 4#: Assisting a Polish Cosmetic Company in Opening an Office and Initiating a Marketing Campaign in the United States

Since November 2017, Green Gate Consulting has been cooperating with a Polish cosmetic company, who is expanding its sales to the U.S. market and gradually establishing a U.S. presence. GGC has assisted its client in registering a U.S. based entity, analyzing the local markets of Virginia and West Virginia, and maintaining connections with local governments of both states. Moreover, GGC has analyzed the U.S. based competition and marketing opportunities, as well as has advised its client on building local partnerships and business connections.

In addition, in July 2018, GGC has also assisted its client’s management team in moving to the U.S., obtaining housing and all the necessary immigration visas. We are looking forward to developing this project and continually assisting our client to increase sales in the United States.

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Case 5#: Collaborating with the Polish Government on Preparing U.S. Market Reports to Assist Polish Exporters in the U.S. Market Expansion Process

On November 2013, Green Gate Consulting won a European Union procurement announced by the Polish Ministry of Economy and was awarded a contract to write three sectoral reports on the U.S. market, its import regulations and the opportunities it presents for Polish exporters. The procurement was a part of the European Regional Development Fund under the project called “The Network of Investors and Exporters’ Service Centers (COIE)”. The three market analyses that were the subject of this procurement included U.S. chemical, cosmetic and electronic sectors. They were designed as a guide and information tool for Polish exporters operating in these three sectors who are looking for effective ways to enter the U.S. market.

Based on the work well done, in August 2014 GGC was awarded by the Polish Ministry of Economy yet another contract to write two sectoral reports on the U.S. market, its import regulations and the opportunities it presents for Polish exporters. The subjects of these reports were the clean tech and medical devise sectors.

Green Gate Consulting is proud of the awards. We are happy to announce that our market analyses have practically assisted many Polish companies in expanding to the U.S. market and finding business opportunities in the United States.

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