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    What We Do

    Green Gate Consulting, LLC specializes in assisting European companies to expand to the U.S. market and establish business connections in the United States. We find business partners for our clients, we help them properly settle in the U.S. and we assist them in effectively and creatively navigating the U.S. market to make money. We listen, we create tailored U.S. market entry strategies and we deliver measurable results.

    We open doors to the U.S. market. We guide our clients through all the necessary stages to achieve business success in the United States.  We grow when our clients grow, so we treat our clients’ companies and their business goals as our own, and we are fully dedicated to their success in the United States.

    Let our Green Gate Consulting Team partner with you! 

    Green Gate Consulting (GGC) is an international business consulting firm specializing in assisting European companies to expand to the U.S. market and establish strategic business partnerships in the United States. It combines its Washington-based management and marketing operations with its networks in the field, and it offers U.S. market entry services to European companies seeking trade and investment opportunities in the United States. 

    The mission of Green Gate Consulting is to help European companies sell their products or services to the U.S. market and therefore expand their operations. Our goal is to grow the profitability of our clients and to maximize their net income by increasing their revenues and U.S. sales. The process of accomplishing this goal is a customized and tailored business expansion service that meets the specific needs of our clients and guides European companies through the process of entering the U.S. market.

    We do not have a "one size fits all" approach. Instead, we listen to our clients and we create a tailored U.S. market entry strategy to best meet their goals and expectations.

    • We connect our clients to business opportunities in the U.S. by introducing them to appropriate counterparts and by helping them understand and navigate the U.S. market.
    • We solve complex business challenges regarding U.S. market entrance, and we deliver tangible and sustainable results that yield long-term value for our clients.
    • We foster lasting relationships with leading U.S. market players across different sectors, and we help our clients create win-win strategies for long-term success.
    • We expand our clients’ business capabilities and we help them realize key growth and revenue opportunities.

    There are many entities that offer guidance on how to establish and how to grow a business in the United States, but this guidance often lacks the personal approach for meeting individual and diverse needs. Green Gate Consulting offers a "one stop shop" that promises tailored assistance to European companies who wish to expand to the United States, but do not know where to start.


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    The Idea Behind Establishing GGC

    Green Gate Consulting was established in 2009 based on the growing popularity of the environmental sector, which was the company’s primary focus at first. With time, Green Gate Consulting has expanded its industry focus beyond the environmental sector and has opened its doors to other sectors as well. Now, we work with a broad range of industries from the construction and engineering sector, through clothing, toy and cosmetic industries.

    Green Gate Consulting was born from the growing demand for environmental products and services worldwide. With the global market for environmental technologies expected to reach over $970 billion by 2020, U.S and European environmental firms continue to seek diversification by exploring new sales opportunities. While the U.S. market is the largest and most mature single market for environmental technologies, foreign markets, particularly those of developing countries, continue to grow at a higher rate and offer attractive opportunities for U.S. and European companies.

    While the environmental sector is still in our scope of interest, Green Gates Consulting currently works with other sectors as well.

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    In the News:

    06/25/2019 - GGC Accompanies One of its Clients on a Business Development Trip to Richmond, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee

    On June 17, 2019, Green Gate Consulting’s President and CEO, Agnes Pawelkowska, accompanied GGC’s Polish client on a five-day business development trip to Richmond, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee. The purpose of that trip was to visit numerous pre-selected construction sites, meet with chosen engineering firms, and to initiate collaboration discussions with a potential future supplier.

    The trip was both very informative and productive. It also helped GGC’s client to revise its U.S. market entry strategy. GGC is looking forward to continue assisting its client in entering the U.S. market and developing business connections in the U.S.




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    06/01/2019 - Trade Mission with the Representatives of the State of Virginia to Poland

    On May 14, 2019, Green Gate Consulting’s President and CEO, Agnes Pawelkowska, began a two-week long trade mission to Poland with the representatives of the Greater Richmond Partnership (GRP). The main purpose and goal of that trip was to showcase Central Virginia in Poland and to increase the investment and presence of the Polish companies in the Richmond, Virginia region.

    Green Gate Consulting pre-selected seventeen Polish companies ready to invest in the U.S. market and organized individual meetings for the GRP’s representatives with these companies. The meetings took place in eight different Polish cities to include: Warsaw, Narew, Lodz, Zdunska Wola, Poznan, Katowice, Krakow and Wroclaw.

    In addition to the individual meetings with Polish companies, the GRP’s representatives participated in an annual event called the American Day, which took place in Katowice, Poland. During that event, they had an opportunity to present the central Virginia and the Richmond region to a broader audience. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the state of Virginia. The presentation was enthusiastically received by the audience, who followed up with numerous questions. 

    The representatives of the state of Virginia found the trade mission to Poland both interesting and fruitful. It produced many valuable contacts that GRP will gradually develop. GGC was honored to be a part of that mission. We are looking forward to continue working with the state of Virginia and brining Polish investment to the state.


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    05/01/2019 - GGC Business Development Trip to Zdunska Wola, Poland

    On April 12, 2019, Green Gate Consulting's President and CEO, Agnes Pawelkowska, took part in a business development trip to Zdunska Wola, Poland.

    The purpose of that trip was to visit GGC’s client, a large Polish manufacturer who is looking to open a manufacturing plant in Virginia soon. Agnes was asked to participate in technical training to better familiarize herself with the products of GGC’s client. She was also asked to personally brief the client on the progress with regards to its U.S. market expansion. Moreover, Agnes offered strategic advice on the next business development steps.

    It was both an interesting and productive visit, which underlined the manufacturing power of the Polish company and its strong market position. GGC will continually work with the Polish company to ensure the smooth start of the Polish investment in the U.S. market.

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